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Our tax stories are frequently in the press and we’re often invited to comment on topical tax issues. We generate news coverage both in Ireland and
overseas. This year our coverage has spanned a wide range of stories including: Australian Income Tax and Superannuation Refunds, the Local Property Tax in Ireland, CSR activity we carried out and our Irish tax return service.

Below you can see the stories that generated headlines over the last couple of months.

Press Clippings

Expansion of Stay and Spend Scheme Needed |

...Experts at have expressed their disappointment over the Minister for Finance's recent refusal to consider extending the Stay and Spend... around the reopening of hospitality, this scheme is not fit for purpose" have made the comments on the back of an answer the Minister for...
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05 March 2021 -

Donohoe 'missing the point' on Stay and Spend amid calls for change

.... This has been welcomed, but a wholesale overhaul of the project is also been urged. Tax return consultant wants the Minister to reconsider... restaurants, so don't qualify for the scheme. This was in direct response to Taxback asking if Stay and Spend will be extended to include traditional...
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03 March 2021 -

How you can save more than €4,500 a year by just getting married

..., according to , you can make savings if: Both you and your spouse are working but only one of you pay tax at the higher rate Both you are your...
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01 March 2021 -

Charlie Weston: Dear boss, can you pay my heating bill? How to claim all you can for your new home office

...partner that allows you to work remotely, according to the consumer tax manager at Marian Ryan. She says you will not be considered an...
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26 February 2021 -

Everything you need to know if on social welfare payments during extended Level Five lockdown

...each payslip. Speaking about the impending charges, Marian Ryan from said this should be "seen as a somewhat beneficial development for...
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24 February 2021 -

It all adds up: Almost a third of us overpaid tax last year have just published the Customer Index 2020. This shows exactly what you could — and should — claim in the months ahead. The Index..., which looks at the refunds that's clients applied for and received over the last 12 months, found that the older the applicant, the higher...
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23 February 2021 -

Everything you need to know if still getting PUP

...deducting a percentage of what you owe from each payslip. Speaking about the impending charges, Marian Ryan from said this should be "seen...
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17 February 2021 -

Social welfare benefits Ireland info on everything you need to know about PUP update including paying money back

...Ryan from said this should be "seen as a somewhat beneficial development for recipients of the PUP in 2021, as it means that they will not...
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17 February 2021 -

How much your pay will be cut when returning to work after PUP

...stressful however Marian Ryan, a Consumer Tax Manager at the tax experts,, the change may actually work out better for employees. "Although...
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16 February 2021 -

Marriage and tax benefits: Why it pays to say 'I do' this Valentine's Day

...manager at, explains some of the tax refunds and financial benefits available to couples thinking of marriage this Valentine's Day. Year of...
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13 February 2021 -

Change in PUP tax payments criticised

...doubts as to the constitutionality of the retrospective provisions." However, consultancy firm said although it seemed harsh on the face of it..., spreading out the tax over the year in real time rather than a big bill at the end of the year could be beneficial. Taxback's Marian Ryan said: "It...
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10 February 2021 -

People On PUP Who Return To Work in 2021 Face Higher Income Tax Bill and that will take the form of a reduction in their tac credits and rate bands." But Marian Ryan, the consumer tax manager with, says...
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10 February 2021 -


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