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Our tax stories are frequently in the press and we’re often invited to comment on topical tax issues. We generate news coverage both in Ireland and
overseas. This year our coverage has spanned a wide range of stories including: Australian Income Tax and Superannuation Refunds, the Local Property Tax in Ireland, CSR activity we carried out and our Irish tax return service.

Below you can see the stories that generated headlines over the last couple of months.

Press Clippings

Number of people claiming tax refunds increases - but many are still missing out -

...for tax refunds on medical expenses, nursing home fees and tuition fees. Senior tax manager with Barry Flanagan said householders were...
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12 August 2017 -

2017 Golden Backpack Award Nominees

...Technology, Services, Recruitment or Training provider Visit OZ Global Work & Travel Backpackers Buddy Travello App
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09 August 2017 -

Taxes as an International Camp Staffer

...should make things more straightforward. However, if you would rather hand over some cash for a simpler process, returns start at $20. The...
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08 August 2017 -

Auto-enrolment system favoured by taxpayers

...THE latest PAYE taxpayer survey from leading tax refund specialists has found that, in a country where pension coverage is worryingly low..., the vast majority (84%) of people would be in favour of an auto-enrolment type scheme. The survey asked 800 taxpayers throughout the...
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02 August 2017 -

Ireland. Strong support for mandatory pension scheme

...survey from tax specialists found that 84pc of people would be in favour of an auto-enrolment type scheme. The Government has plans to...
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28 July 2017 -

Strong support for mandatory pension scheme -

...The survey from tax specialists found that 84pc of people would be in favour of an auto-enrolment type scheme. The Government has plans... Economic Co-operation and Development in 2014, commissioned by the Government, recommended an auto-enrolment system. The survey found most...
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27 July 2017 -

It pays to check your wage slip for your entitlements

...further advice on tax or feel you may have overpaid in recent years, you can get more information at . Deal of the Week Car insurance costs...
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18 July 2017 -

Do you pay Irish taxes if wages are paid into an overseas account?

...Canadian account. Should he pay tax to the Irish Government too? A: Barry Flanagan, senior tax manager at Matters pertaining to international.../wvrspplctn-eng.html . Barry Flanagan is a senior tax and payroll manager with Have a query for our panel of experts about emigrating, life...
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16 July 2017 -

Home economics: Sinead Ryan answers your property questions -

...the accommodation available for three years, you can claim the remaining balance up to 100pc, according to Barry Flanagan of You won't need...
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07 July 2017 -

Most Irish people are not claiming this tax refund that could save them thousands each year

...Almost six in 10 Irish people are not claiming a valuable tax refund, a new survey has revealed. The poll by found 56% of respondents...
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05 July 2017 -

Why do so few Irish people claim back their medical expenses?, of 800 Irish PAYE employees taken by tax rebate specialists, indicates that just 44% of Irish taxpayers have applied for refunds on... Flanagan, senior manager at says there may be another, easy-to-identify-with, reason: "The reasons for this are varied but feedback from...
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04 July 2017 -

Nearly six in ten Irish people are missing out on 'the most widely known of all tax refunds' every year

...not claim tax refunds for medical expenses incurred in the last four years, according to a survey by .....
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03 July 2017 -


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